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Who We Are

We’re a team of craftsmen, engineers, electricians, project managers, and IT nerds who have decades of experience designing and building retail fixtures for clients ranging from Costco to Skechers to  F.A.O Schwarz. It was our shared passion for adventure, however–combined with our experience working with wood, plastic, and metal–that compelled us to create Limitless Van. We love van life and the way it brings people closer to nature and to each other. Whether you’ll be living out of your van or just want to “grab and go” on the weekends, we tailor each build to the style and needs of our clients. 


All of our vans are designed and built in-house at our shop in North Bonneville, Washington. From cabinetry, to powder coating, to welding and finishes, we take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. And as a small business, we find great joy in working closely with our clients. For us, the saying is true, “Come as strangers, leave as friends.”

Get Started on your build today. Limitless adventure awaits!
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